Samuel Arnold: Polly

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      • Künstler: Laura Albino, Eve Rachel McLeod, Gillian Grossman, Marion Newman, Bud Roach, Aradia Ensemble, Kevin Mallon
      • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2008
      • Bestellnummer: 7956700
      • Erscheinungstermin: 5.4.2010
      • Serie: Naxos Opera
      • Tracklisting
      • Mitwirkende

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      1. 1 Polly: Overture
      2. 2 Polly: Act I: Air 1: Noel Hills: He that weds (Ducat)
      3. 3 Polly: Act I: Air 2: Polwart on the Green: Observe the statesman's ways (Trapes)
      4. 4 Polly: Act I: Air 3: Dr Arnold: She who hath felt a real pain by cupid's dart (Polly)
      5. 5 Polly: Act I: Air 4: Dr Arnold: Farewell, farewell, farewell, all hope of bliss! (Polly)
      6. 6 Polly: Act I: Air 5: Dr Arnold: Despair is all folly (Trapes)
      7. 7 Polly: Act I: Air 6: Old Orpheus Tickl'd: When billows come breaking on the strand (Ducat)
      8. 8 Polly: Act I: Air 7: Christ-Church Bells: When a woman jealous grows (Ducat, Mrs. Ducat)
      9. 9 Polly: Act I: Air 8: Cheshire-Rounds: When kings by their huffing (Damaris)
      10. 10 Polly: Act I: Air 9: Johnny Fa': The crow or daw (Polly)
      11. 11 Polly: Act I: Air 10: Bury Fair: How can you be so teazing (Ducat, Polly)
      12. 12 Polly: Act I: Air 11: March in Scipio: Brave boys prepare (Ducat, Mrs. Ducat)
      13. 13 Polly: Act I: Air 12: Jig-It-O'Foot: Better to doubt all that's doing (Damaris)
      14. 14 Polly: Act I: Air 13: Dr Arnold: Aboard after misses most husbands will Roam (Mrs Ducat)
      15. 15 Polly: Act I: Air 14: Tweedside: The stag, when chas'd (Polly)
      16. 16 Polly: Entr'acte: Dances of the Pirates: I. March
      17. 17 Polly: Entr'acte: Dances of the Pirates: II. Hornpipe I
      18. 18 Polly: Entr'acte: Dances Of The Pirates: Iii. Andante
      19. 19 Polly: Entr'acte: Dances of the Pirates: IV. Hornpipe II
      20. 20 Polly: Entr'acte: Dances of the Pirates: V. Allegro
      21. 21 Polly: Act II: Air 1: La Villanella: Why did you spare him (Polly)
      22. 22 Polly: Act II: Dead March
      23. 23 Polly: Act II: Air 2: La Cavalliere: Patriots at first declare (Culverin)
      24. 24 Polly: Act II: Air 3: Minuet: Cheer up my lads (Culverin)
      25. 25 Polly: Act II: Air 4: Dr Arnold: Shall I not be bold when honour calls (Morano, Jenny)
      26. 26 Polly: Act II: Air 5: Peggy's Mill: When gold is in hand (Jenny)
      27. 27 Polly: Act II: Air 6: Dr Arnold: Woman's like the flatt'ring ocean (Vanderbluff)
      28. 28 Polly: Act II: Air 7: The Boatman: Tho' different passions rage by turns (Morano)
      29. 29 Polly: Act II: Air 8: Hunt the Squirrel: The world is always jarring (Polly)
      30. 30 Polly: Act II: Air 9: Dr Arnold: In love and life the present use (Jenny)
      31. 31 Polly: Act II: Air 10: Dr Arnold: We never blame the forward swain (Jenny, Polly)
      32. 32 Polly: Act II: Air 11: Dr Arnold: The body of the brave may be taken (Cawwawkee)
      33. 33 Polly: Act II: Air 12: Excuse Me: Honour calls me (Morano)
      34. 34 Polly: Act II: Air 13: Ruben: Honour plays (Jenny)
      35. 35 Polly: Act II: Air 14: The Marlborough: We the sword of valour (Morano)
      36. 36 Polly: Act Iii: Air 1: The Sportsmen Keep Hawks (Polly)
      37. 37 Polly: Act Iii: Air 2: O Saw Ye My Father: Love With Beauty Is Flying (Cawwawkee)
      38. 38 Polly: Act Iii: Air 3: Prince Eugene's March: When The Tyger Roams (Morano)
      39. 39 Polly: Act Iii: Air 4: Kate Of Aberdeen: The Turtle Thus Upon The Spray (Cawwawkee)
      40. 40 Polly: Act Iii: Air 5: Dr Arnold: The Soldiers Who By Trade Must Dare (Morano)
      41. 41 Polly: Act Iii: Air 6: Shall Man, In Arne's Abel: My Heart Forebodes (Polly)
      42. 42 Polly: Act Iii: Dances Of The Indians: I. Allegro
      43. 43 Polly: Act Iii: Dances Of The Indians: Ii. Andante
      44. 44 Polly: Act Iii: Dances Of The Indians: Iii. Allegro
      45. 45 Polly: Act Iii: Dances Of The Indians: Iv. Andante
      46. 46 Polly: Act Iii: Dances Of The Indians: V. Allegro
      47. 47 Polly: Act Iii: Air 7: The Temple: Justice Long Forbearing (Cawwawkee, Indian Scout, Polly, Chorus)
      48. 48 Polly: Act Iii Appendix: What Man Can Virtue Or Courage Repose (Ducat)
      49. 49 Polly: Act Iii Appendix: I Hate The Foolish Elf (Ducat)
      50. 50 Polly: Act Iii Appendix: Victory Is Ours (Polly, Cawwawkee)