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Charles Sturridge: Sanditon (Jane Austen) (2019) (UK Import), DVD

Die Verfilmung des Fragments von Jane Austen

Jane Austen’s unfinished last novel comes vividly to life in this bold and brilliant adaptation. Sanditon’s a place that’s changing fast. This once sleepy fishing village is transforming into a fashionable spa resort. Changing alongside i…

2 DVDs
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Call The Midwife Season 6 (UK-Import), DVD

Call the Midwife - Staffeln 6-8 bislang nur in UK!

The complete sixth series of the BBC drama, adapted from Jennifer Worth's memoirs, about a group of midwives working in poverty-stricken East London during the 1960s. In this series, beginning in 1962, the Nonnatus House staff return to Poplar from South Africa to find that Sister Ursula (Harriet Walter) has …

3 DVDs
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The Blues Collection (Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues) (UK Import), DVD

The Blues Collection (Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues) (UK Import)

Unter der Leitung von Martin Scorsese entstand „The Blues“, eine Edition von sieben persönlichen und impressionistischen Filmen - aus dem Blickwinkel weltberühmter Regisseure, deren gemeinsame Leidenschaft die Musik ist. Die Filme von Scorsese, Charles Burnett, Clint Eastwoo…

7 DVDs
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