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    James Hawes: The Shortest History of Germany, Buch

    James Hawes
    The Shortest History of Germany

    The perception of modern Germany as a final outpost of liberal democratic ideals is placed in a historical context, and addressed as a point on a trajectory beginning with Julius Caesar's invasion in 58 B…

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    Gillian Darley: Excellent Essex, Buch

    Gillian Darley
    Excellent Essex

    Paperback edition of the book exploring the much-maligned county of Essex, taking in travel writing and history, to find a place where dreamers and makers, punk poets, anarchist sects and the avant-garde …

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    S. E. Lister: Augury, Buch

    S. E. Lister

    A contemporary novel with an ancient setting, featuring a society which appears complacent in the face of destruction. From the author of "Hideous Creatures" and "The Immortals".

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