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    Thomas Haslwanter: 3D Kinematics, Buch

    Thomas Haslwanter
    3D Kinematics

    This book presents an introduction to the analysis of general movements in 3D space, especially for movements of the human body. It is based on the lecture notes of a class on 3D Kinematics, which the aut…

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    Mark Tomás Mc Auley: Computer Modelling for Nutritionists, Buch

    Mark Tomás Mc Auley
    Computer Modelling for Nutritionists

    This book draws on Mark Mc Auley's wealth of experience to provide an intuitive step-by-step guide to the modelling process. It also provides case studies detailing the creation of biological process mode…

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    Nnamdi Ikechi Nwulu: Optimal Control and Operation of Energy Systems, Buch

    Nnamdi Ikechi Nwulu
    Optimal Control and Operation of Energy Systems

    This book presents mathematical models of demand-side management programs, together with operational and control problems for power and renewable energy systems. It reflects the need for optimal operation…

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    : Computer Simulation Validation, Buch

    Computer Simulation Validation

    This unique volume introduces and discusses the methods of validating computer simulations in scientific research. The core concepts, strategies, and techniques of validation are explained by an internati…

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