The Rough Guide To Blues Divas

The Rough Guide To Blues Divas
CD (Compact Disc)

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  • Tracklisting
  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 Ma Rainey: Black eye blues
  2. 2 Hattie Burleson: Bye bye baby
  3. 3 Ethel Waters: Sweet Georgia Brown
  4. 4 Bessie Smith: Nobody knows you when you're down and out
  5. 5 Victoria Spivey: Dope head blues
  6. 6 Alberta Hunter: Everybody mess around
  7. 7 Mamie Smith: Jenny's ball
  8. 8 Ida Cox: Give me a break blues
  9. 9 Lucille Bogan (aka Bessie Jackson): Tired as I can be
  10. 10 Martha Coeland: Everybody does it now
  11. 11 Clara Smith: Salty dog
  12. 12 Edith Wilson: My man is good for nothing but love
  13. 13 Lucille Hegamin: Shake your cans
  14. 14 Sippie Wallace: I'm a mighty tight woman
  15. 15 Rosa Henderson: Get it fixed
  16. 16 Bertha "Chippie" Hill: Do dirty blues
  17. 17 Lil Johnson: Get 'em from the peanut man (Hot nuts)
  18. 18 Trixie Smith: Sorrowful blues
  19. 19 Sara Martin: You got ev'rything a sweet mama needs but me
  20. 20 Esther Bigeou: The St. Louis blues
  21. 21 Ada Brown: Break o'day blues
  22. 22 Maggie Jones: Anybody here want to try my cabbage?
  23. 23 Lizzie Miles: Electrician blues
  24. 24 Bessie Tucker: Penitentiary
  25. 25 Lena Wilson: He used to be your man but he's my man now