Musical: Company (180g) (Limited Edition)

Musical: Company (180g) (Limited Edition)
LP (Long Play)

Die gute alte Vinyl - Langspielplatte.

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    • Tracklisting
    1. 1 Dean Jones And Company: Company
    2. 2 Elaine Stritch, Barbara Barrie, Charles Kimbrough And Company: The Little Things You Do Together
    3. 3 Charles Kimbrough, George Coe, Charles Braswell, Dean Jones : Sorry - Grateful
    4. 4 Donna McKechnie, Susan Browning, Pamela Myers : You Could Drive A Person Crazy
    5. 5 Charles Braswell, John Cunningham, Steve Elmore, George Coe, Charles Kimbrough And Company: Have I Got A Girl For You
    6. 6 Dean Jones, The Vocal Minority: Someone Is Waiting
    7. 7 Pamela Myers : Another Hundred People
    8. 8 Beth Howland, Steve Elmore, Teri Ralston And Company: Getting Married Today
    9. 9 Dean Jones And Company: Side By Side By Side / What Would We Do Without You?
    10. 10 Barbara Barrie, Teri Ralston, Merle Louise, Beth Howland, Elaine Stritch, Charles Kimbrough, George Coe : Poor Baby
    11. 11 "Company" Original Broadway Cast, Orchestra : Tick-Tock
    12. 12 Dean Jones, Susan Browning : Barcelona
    13. 13 Elaine Stritch : The Ladies Who Lunch
    14. 14 Dean Jones And Company: Being Alive
    15. 15 Company: Finale