Bill Frisell: Guitar In The Space Age!

    Musik, die ihn prägte

    Bill Frisell wendet sich auf seinem neuen Album der Musik seiner Jugendzeit zu.

    »It was the space age and there was all of this optimism. Growing up as a kid in the early '60s, it seemed as if anything was possible. The future was going to be so great. But at the same time there was a serious sense of fear: the Cold War, duck and cover, the civil rights struggle-Vietnam was on the way. So while there was something really liberating and empowering about coming of age during that time, there was also a lot of darkness – it just had to leave a mark on you.«

    Guitar In The Space Age!
    CD (Compact Disc)

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      • Label: OKeh, 2014
      • Bestellnummer: 5318702
      • Erscheinungstermin: 10.10.2014
      • Tracklisting
      1. 1 Pipeline
      2. 2 Turn, Turn, Turn
      3. 3 Messin' with the Kid
      4. 4 Surfer Girl
      5. 5 Rumble
      6. 6 The Shortest Day
      7. 7 Rebel Rouser
      8. 8 Baja
      9. 9 Cannonball Rag
      10. 10 Tired Of Waiting For You
      11. 11 Reflections From The Moon
      12. 12 Bryant's Boogie
      13. 13 Lift Off
      14. 14 Telstar