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    Jeff Hanson: How to Ace Statics with Jeff Hanson, Buch

    Jeff Hanson
    How to Ace Statics with Jeff Hanson

    Cut through the noise and ace your statics course with help from YouTube guru Jeff Hanson Struggling with statics? Not getting the help you need from your professor or textbook? Don't worry-we got you! Th…

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    Tiger Woods: Untitled Tiger Woods Memoir, Buch

    Tiger Woods
    Untitled Tiger Woods Memoir

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    Jonah Radding: Eclogues. Garden of the Hesperides, Buch

    Jonah Radding
    Eclogues. Garden of the Hesperides

    Giovanni Gioviano Pontano was one of the great scholar-poets of the Renaissance as well as a leading statesman. Eclogues and Garden of the Hesperides, both broadly inspired by Virgil, might be considered …

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    Beatrice Forshall: The Book of Vanishing Species, Buch

    Beatrice Forshall
    The Book of Vanishing Species

    __________________ Our Earth is more beautiful and more diverse than we can possibly conceive of. The Book of Vanishing Species is a stunning homage to the planet's most mysterious, bizarre and wondrous …

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    Michael Higgins: Wild Maps for Curious Minds, Buch

    Michael Higgins
    Wild Maps for Curious Minds

    The Maps for Curious Minds series is back?with 100 vivid infographic maps that reveal the astonishing wonders of the natural world as never before! The 100 infographic maps in this singular atlas are brim…

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    Dk Eyewitness: DK Eyewitness Road Trips Australia, Buch

    Dk Eyewitness
    DK Eyewitness Road Trips Australia

    With its ever-changing landscapes, Australia is the perfect destination for a leisurely road trip. It's yours to explore with Road Trips Australia, our redesigned and newly updated guide containing 22 dri…

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    Monty Don: Venetian Gardens, Buch

    Monty Don
    Venetian Gardens

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    Alison Davies: 59 Things You Should Know About Your Cat, Buch

    Alison Davies
    59 Things You Should Know About Your Cat

    With beautiful, bright gouache illustrations and little-known facts about our most mysterious feline companions, this is the perfect gift for all dedicated cat owners.

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    DK: The Science of the Earth, Buch

    The Science of the Earth

    Elegant design combined with beautiful images to explore and explain Earth's natural riches. This is an informative, visually arresting introduction to planet Earth. The core of the book features large, …

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    Delia Owens: Cry of the Kalahari, Buch

    Delia Owens
    Cry of the Kalahari

    'For anyone interested in animals or in real life adventure, this book is a must' Jane Goodall In the early 1970s, carrying little more than a change of clothes and a pair of binoculars, Mark and Delia O…

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    Planet Lonely: Best of Tokyo, Buch

    Planet Lonely
    Best of Tokyo

    Lonely Planet's Best of Tokyo is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Pick a bar in the lanes of Golden Gai, explore the va…

    mind. ein Jahr
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    Art Spiegelman: Maus Now, Buch

    Art Spiegelman
    Maus Now

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    Peter Seewald: Benedict XVI: A Life 2, Buch

    Peter Seewald
    Benedict XVI: A Life 2

    Emeritus Pope Benedict commands both adulation and unremitting criticism. To millions, he remains a beacon of light in a turbulent modern world. In this second volume of Peter Seewald's authoritative bio…

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    Matthew Bothwell: The Invisible Universe, Buch

    Matthew Bothwell
    The Invisible Universe

    A guide to the 99% of the Universe our eyes can't see from a dazzling new voice in popular science From the discovery of entirely new kinds of galaxies to a window into cosmic 'prehistory', Bothwell show…

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    Erica Thompson: Escape from Model Land, Buch

    Erica Thompson
    Escape from Model Land

    How do mathematical models shape our world - and how can we harness their power for good? Models are at the centre of everything we do. Whether we use them or are simply affected by them, they act as met…

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    Tifo: How To Watch Football, Buch

    How To Watch Football

    RULE #1: DON'T WATCH THE BALL Yes, football is about stars, goals and glory. But it's also about the intense calculations and movements being made by the twenty-one other players on the pitch. It's about…

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    Alia Akkam: Behind the Bar: Gin, Buch

    Alia Akkam
    Behind the Bar: Gin

    As people around the world have been restricted to their homes over the last year and a half, the popularity of the home bar has grown tremendously, so much so that bars have been creating takeaway experi…

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    Suki Finn: What's in a Doughnut Hole?, Buch

    Suki Finn
    What's in a Doughnut Hole?

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    Simon Barnes: The History of the World in 100 Plants, Buch

    Simon Barnes
    The History of the World in 100 Plants

    A stunning celebration of the 100 plants that have had the greatest impact on humanity

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    Donald A. Molony: Evidence-Based Nephrology, Buch

    Donald A. Molony
    Evidence-Based Nephrology

    Evidence-based Nephrology provides students of nephrology and practicing clinicians with a convenient single source of clinical evidence that has been passed through an evidence-based filter. This fully r…

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